This is the list of projects we will be working on this semester. Detailed information will be provided when projects are assigned. Always review the detailed description before submitting an assignment. (These assignments may change based on the needs of the class.)

1. Foundation-Building Activities – 25%

  • 5% – Introduction and Autobiography for Portfolio (Due 1/16/2013)
  • 5% – Learning Environment Design (Due 1/28/2013)
  • 15% – Demonstration of Your Understanding of Assigned Readings
    (Throughout the semester)

2. Communication and Collaboration – 25%

  • 5% – Social Media Project — Create your Social Media Identity
  • 10% – Tool Commercial – create a commercial about a communication tool
  • 10% – Shadowing Project – (1) Follow two classroom blogs to find out how teachers support communication and collaboration among students and (2) create a graphical poster (Glogster) that helps others (parents, educators, and administrators) understand why it is beneficial to have technology in classrooms.

3. Creativity and Innovation – 20%

  • 10% – Slowmation Video – create a stop animation video to teach a particular process or system (i.e. photosynthesis)
  • 10% – Creativity Project – create a plan for encouraging creativity and innovation

4. Critical Thinking, Research, and Problem Solving – 20%

  • 5% – Personal Horizon Report – identify and research an emerging teaching strategy/learning goal supported by technology
  • 15% – Learning Adventure – develop an online learning adventure for a highly -motivated student around a specific topic

5. Participation/Attendance – 10%

  • Miss no more than 3 classes
  • Come to class prepared and willing to discuss readings, progress on projects, personal opinions on the use of technology in K12 education

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