Presentation Day 1

1. Check your attendance record as of April 23 (click here).
2. Find my comments on your social media identity project and your score here (on the social media tab).
3. Check you final grade as of April 24 (total:70). For the final letter grade, we still need to add learning adventure, source tree (last assignment), and your attendance scores for your final (total:100)
4. Please note that Friday is the absolute last day to turn in any missing assignments and your final project (resource tree). Talk with me TODAY if you have questions about anything other than your learning adventure – these assignments become 0′s in my gradebook after Friday’s class if you have not talked with me.

3. Your website/portfolio should be complete with your resource tree and final reflection over this semester inserted to your introduction page.

FOR Friday

1. We will complete other 4 presentations. Those who present may plan to bring some snacks or food to share on your presentation day (food sign-up sheet here)
2. Your final project (resource tree) is due Friday.
3. During the last day of class we will:

  • Complete the end-of-course evaluation.
  • Take a class picture.