Foundation-Building Activities (25%)

1. 5% – Introduction and Autobiography for Portfolio (Due 1/16/2013)

  • Create a home page and an “About Me” page.
  • Create a Blog Postings page and link to your home page.

2. 5% – Learning Environment Design (Due 1/28/2013)

  • Option 1: Create a plan for your classroom
    Using Floorplanner, create your future classroom learning environment design. On your Google portfolio site, describe your design along with your reasoning.
  • Option 2: Create a plan for a future learning space
    Using your own chosen software, create your own plan (and product) for demonstrating your ability to design a learning space that facilitates “meaningful learning with technology” (e.g., transportation, library, amusement park, work place, home, and so on).

3. 15% – Demonstration of Your Understanding of Assigned Readings
(Throughout the semester)

  • You will be asked to reflect over your readings and post your thoughts, or
  • you will be asked to demonstrating your understanding through some artifacts, or
  • you will be asked to share further readings or resources.(*Extra Credit to be determined during the semester)

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