Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (20%)

1. Group Project: Learning Adventure (15%) (Due 4/22/2013)

So far, you have all created learning activities, animation videos, a personal website, and more. Now it’s time to integrate all of your skills into one project. In this project, your group will create a web site for students, parents, and teachers. The site is meant to guide a student through an adventure of your choosing.Open this Learning Adventure Rubric. Talking through the rubric will help you understand what is expected of you throughout the project.

2. My Resource Tree (5%) (Due 4/22/2013)

At the beginning of the semester, I told you that your learning outcome is your “experience” and resources. I hope each project was meaningful to you. Our last project is to use Pearl Tree to organize resources that you’ve collected throughout the semester. Create a pearl tree, add/organize resources, and add the link to the intro page of your portfolio.

* Evaluation: This is really about your learning. I hope this project provides a good chance for you to spend time on your preparation for your ongoing learning.

– Enriched organization (4)
. You should have at least 5 trees at the top level right under your resource tree.
. You should have at least 5 pearls for each bottom level tree.
– Meaningful organization (4) (classifications and hierarchies ):
You should show off your understanding of the topics we’ve covered
– Thoughtful Reflection (2): I will take a look at your reflection on the intro page.



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