Creativity and Innovation (20%)

1. Group Project: Stop Motion Animation Video (10%) (Due 3/8/2013)

Create a stop animation video that tells/explains a particular process or system (e.g., photosynthesis). Student-generated videos are one one of the tools that can support creativity. It provides students with a unique way to express their understanding.

  • Step One: Ideation
  • Step Two: Storyboarding
  • Step Three: Building Props
  • Step Four: Filming
  • Step Five: Editing with Narration
  • Step Six: Write-up

* Evaluation Criteria
– A clear learning focus and target audience
– Addressing the needs of the target audience
– Look & Feel / Technical Gliches
– Thoughtful Reflection

2. Creativity Contract  (10%) (Due 4/1/2013)

Work on the projects you selected in your learning contract, document your work, and evaluate your own process and outcomes. All of the resources for the creativity contract are available on the Creativity and Innovation Contract.

* Instructor’s Evaluation Criteria
– Meeting all the requirements for each activity
– Evidence of “learning” something new about teaching and/or applying creativity
(What is “creativity” here? Read Shively’s article and NETs for Creativity and Innovation)
– Valid self-evaluation criteria


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