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Meaningful Learning with Technology


  1. Check your scores of the assignments on the Assignment Checklist. I used a 10 point scale in common, but remember that each assignment will be assigned a different percentage of your total grade.
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We’ve learned so fat who, what, and where you are teaching under the TPACK framework. Today, we will talk more about how technology supports learning.

PART 1. Meaningful Learning with Technology Revisited

We learned that understanding who and what you are teaching is important. Different subject areas/skills require different approaches to teaching. Also many of you, in your reading responses, say that people learn way differently. But why? Or why not? We would need a little Powerpoint here.

Think about your favorite types of activities in school. Did you like getting up and moving around? Working in groups? Pretending like you were an astronaut when you learned about space? Does it remind you of 5 characteristics of a meaningful learning environment we just took a look at? Do you agree with Frank below?

Then how can we create meaningful learning environments with technology? Let’s take a look at this video here(09:25 – 13:30). What does the commercial tell you? How would like to change the commercial? You may want to think about “How People Learn”s four design principles (e.g.,assessing student understanding with technology) or “Meaningful Learning with Technology”s 5 learning principles. There are also 5 levels of technology integration into the classroom. Where would you place your future lesson on this matrix? Remember you also need to think about your subject areas and target skills. That’s how your TPACK framework works for each of your projects.

PART 2. What does it mean for your classroom?

Reflecting what we’ve learned so far, I would like you to think about your audience and subject areas when you work on your learning environments. What kind of activities would you serve in this place? What you could incorporate technology?

I asked you to explore some model examples while working on your floor plan. Let’s share some of the examples. There will be 10% extra points to the learning environments project.

PART 3. Technology-supported communication and collaboration

Throughout the semester, we will explore and apply technology supporting

  • communication / collaboration
  • creativity
  • critical thinking and problem solving

in your chosen subject area for your chosen students. And starting from next week, we will start working on communication and collaboration. After reading Egbert’s Chapter 3 – Supporting Student Communication – what questions did you have about communication and collaboration? Share your 2 questions and your thought with others at your table – then choose one question from your group and ask it of a neighboring table.


1.[Project] Your classroom layouts are due at the beginning of class Monday. Make sure you insert the image to a new page named “learning environments” and add a narrative explaining your design justifications with the TPACK framework in your mind. You could find specific questions from the Wednesday’s post.

2. [Reading Assignment] Write 2-3 paragraphs’ response to the question you’s group has ‘got regarding Egbert’s Chapter 3, and post the response to your postings page. We will talk about it on Monday.

(If you were absent today, choose one question you would ask of a student if you had assigned the reading, and write your response to the question. Remember you need to use your late pass if you won’t be able to submit your assignment on time)