Learning Adventure (7) – Final Day

1. Check your attendance record as of April 17 (click here).
2. Check you shadowing project score and comments (see the “shadowing” tab on the checklist)
3. Check you creativity contract score (see the “creativity contract” tab on the checklist)
4. Check you final grade as of April 22 (total:65). For the final letter grade, we still need to add social media, learning adventure, source tree (last assignment), and your attendance scores for your final (total:100)
5. Your social media identity check-up is due today at the beginning of class.
6. Check you presentation day and order, and plan to bring some snacks or food to share on your presentation day (food sign-up sheet here)
7. What do you need to prepare for the presentation? You or your group will have appx. 10 minutes to introduce your learning adventure. Put up your site on the screen and go over each section of the adventure. Also, let us know what you’ve learned through this project. Other groups are expected provide at least one feedback/comment to the presenters.

Today is the last day for your learning adventure project. You should be adding finishing touches to each section. Do you have any question?

PART ONE. Some Final Notes About Your Learning Adventure:

**If you haven’t done yet, please complete this self-check for your project before you leave this class and discuss any issue/concern with your partner(s) as needed. And also double-check your learning adventure with the rubric. Check for typos!

PART TWO. Adding Finishing Touches 

  1. Make sure your navigation bar reflects the sections in the rubric: Author Introduction, Inquire, Hook, Organize, Explore, Show What you Know, Finding a Career, and Parent Teacher Letter.[How to arrange the Google Site navigation bar]Step 1. Click ‘More.’
    Step 2. Click ‘Edit site layout.’
    Step 3. Click the navigation bar.
    Step 4. Uncheck ‘Automatically organize my navigation bar.’
    Step 5: Click ‘Add page’ if you need to add a page to the navigation bar.
    Sometimes you create a new page and it doesn’t show up in the navigation section automatically. After adding the page, it will then show up on this screen.
    Step 6: You can use the arrows to arrange the page order. First, you click on the page you’d like to move, and then click the up/down arrows. The left/right arrows will indent pages to create hierarchy and connections among pages.
    Step 7: Click ‘ok’ when you are finished arranging.
  2. Make sure you complete the Learning Adventure page on your portfolio. Give a brief introduction about your learning adventure, what you’ve learned, and provide a link to the adventure page.  — This should be done so that I can grade your project!

PART THREE. Your final, really final project – Resource Tree (due friday)
* I won’t accept a late pass for this project. I won’t be here on campus.

Adding your resource tree :
At the beginning of the semester, I told you that your learning outcome is your “experiences” and resources. I hope each project was meaningful to you. Our last mini(!!) project is organizing your resources that you’ve collected, read, or interacted throughout the semester. Remember that I provided insightful videos, readings (in addition to reading assignments), useful tips and tools? You and your classmates also collected/shared different readings (e.g., social media articles, creativity contract).

Create a pearl tree, add/organize resources, and add the link to the intro page of your portfolio.Here is an example. Installing the Pearler will ease your work.  Let me show you how.
Also, revise your intro page :
Reread what you wrote about what you wanted to learn from the beginning of the semester. Then, write an overview of what you have learned this semester and what you feel you have left to learn. Your final introduction should be at least 2 paragraphs (seriously – you don’ t have a final in here, it’s the least you can do!)

This final touch of your intro page and adding your resource tree will make up 5% of your final grade.

Evaluation Rubric
This is really about your learning. I hope this project could provide a good chance for you to spend time on your preparation for your ongoing learning.

– Enriched organization (4)
. You should have at least 5 trees at the top level right under your resource tree.
. You should have at least 5 pearls for each bottom level tree.
– Meaningful organization (4) (classifications and hierarchies ):
You should show off your understanding of the topics we’ve covered
– Thoughtful Reflection (2): I will take a look at your reflection on the intro page.

FOR Wednesday and Friday
1. Be ready for presenting your work and commenting on others. Plan to bring some snacks or food to share on your presentation day (food sign-up sheet here)
2. Your final project (resource tree) is due Friday.

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