Learning Adventure (6) – Author Introduction

1. Check your attendance record as of April 17 (click here).
2. Check you shadowing project score (see the “shadowing” tab on the assignment checklist)
3. Check you presentation day and order, and plan to bring some snacks or food to share on your presentation day (food sign-up sheet here)
4. What do you need to prepare for the presentation? You or your group will have appx. 10 minutes to introduce your learning adventure. Put up your site on the screen and go over each section of the adventure. Other groups are expected provide at least one feedback/comment to the presenters.

PART 1. How does your adventure look like at this time?
I suggest each of you complete this self-check and discuss any issue/concern with your partner(s) as needed.

PART 2. Author Introduction

Today your group will meet to work on the Author introduction. In your video, you will tell about yourself and why you choose this topic.

1. You can shoot your videos with your phone or camera.
2. Then, you can edit your videos using iMovie or Movie Maker if you need.
3. Uploading your introduction video to YouTube is the easiest way to embed it onto your adventure’s introduction page.  You can login to YouTube with your google account. Make sure you set your video to “public”!!!
4. Once you’ve uploaded your video, copy the url, go to your introduction page, click on “Insert”, then choose Video<Youtube and paste in the url that you copied earlier. You’ll just see a yellow box on your page; but once you save the page you should be able to view your video.


1. Social Media Identity Check-up (due at the beginning of class)

Since it’s the end of the semester, it’s time to finalize the social media project. Pull up your social media identity page, review it, then finalize the page adding a 2-3 paragraph final update on your progress towards your social media identity goals. Right before the final update, you will also want to include what you’ve reported here for the midterm check up.  Here is an example.

2. This is the final day before the presentations. We will add finishing touches to your adventure home. Plus, we will work on a final (really!!) mini-project in class (it won’t be daunting at all). The project is due Friday.


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