Creativity Contract (4)

– I completed your grading of stop-motion animation. Take a look at comments and scores.
– I made this online gallery of your stop-motion animation: I shared this with other instructors of EDIT 2000. They might share great comments.

Creativity Contract website:

PART 1. Your Progress Check

By now you should have completed at least one of your project and started another.  Don’t forget to complete your documentation for each project as you are working on it or as soon as you are finished. Go ahead and take a moment to share what you are all working on within your groups.


Today I have a few tips for the puzzles and gaming project. There are many options for this project.

  • Some people may choose to locate 5-7 games that require the user to show creativity, and write reviews for each game. See this example of how one site reviews top iPhone/iTouch game apps.
  • You might be interested in the idea of gamification. If so, this would be a great topic to explore for this project. For the final outcome, you may locate 3-5 cases of gamification applied in education or in other areas of your interest (e.g., marketing). Write a review for each case with links to related sites (if any).
  • Some of you may choose to explore the idea of student-generated games and some of the game development tools. If so, do a Google search to find many examples of sites/tools that allow teachers and students to create games (Here is one example: You may review 3-5 tools, or you may event choose to create one simple game. Insert the review or the link to the game you created on your Creativity Contract page.
  • You might be interested in exploring the games, puzzles, and related infographics that teachers are posting on Pinterest. If so, create your own Pinterest board and collect at least 15 pins (re-pin!) that will serve as a boot camp that trains teachers to understand the role of games and play in learning. Make sure to collect and organize best-fit materials for your boot camp. Finally, insert the Pinterest board link to your Creativity Contract page with a short description of your project.

No matter which project you’ve chosen, make sure to check its page on the Creativity Contract website to ensure you are meeting all of the requirements. Mashable had an article about Life of George which is a Lego game. I also recommend checking out the G4TV’s Top 100 Video Games of All Time.

Here’s the number one game:

Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 6.59.42 PM

Other examples

– Scribblenauts
– Minecraft skin

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