Creativity Contract (3)


As I announced the other day,
1. I slightly changed the score system (from 60 to 40) and requirements for the Creativity Contract. Check our Creativity Contract website at
2. If you haven’t done yet, please choose your projects and complete this survey.
3. If you decide to do more works than required for creativity contract projects, I will increase your final points accordingly. Let’s say you completed 50 point projects. Since creativity contract project is worth 10% of the total grade, you may get extra 2.5 points out of 100 (total grade).

PART 1. Your Progress Check

By now you should have started at least one of your projects (and hopefully you’re close to finishing).  Don’t forget to complete your documentation for each project as you are working on it or as soon as you are finished. Go ahead and take a moment to share what you are all working on within your groups.


Today I would like you to experience and make a little sense of QR codes. QR (Quick-Response) code is a scannable code, similar to a bar code on a product. When you scan (read) it using your smart phone (or any mobile device with a camera and internet connection). the QR code connects you to data including text, URLs to websites, coordinates on a map, or contact information. QR codes are used more and more frequently on restaurant tent cards to advertise specials, museums to give more detailed information about an exhibit, or on products to send you to a video demo. When you visit a museum, for example, QR codes are available for each painting. Each QR code connects you to a detailed description about the painting, so you can have a better understanding of each piece.

Here is one little activity using QR codes–QR Code Scavenger Hunt!.

1. Go to your favorite app store and download any free “QR code” reader or scanner.
2. Check five clues reading QR codes below and find out/take pictures of places in the Aderhold Hall.

Did you find all? How do you feel about QR codes? Isn’t it interesting? So what are the QR codes applications to classrooms?

  • Quick access to additional content such as websites, video clips, and game clues.
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Geocaching

If you would like to do a project for QR codes, check out our creativity contract page at


Here is another chance to make up for your absence. You might want to participate in this study that explores how you perceive and interact with advertising apps. It might be interesting for us to see how companies use apps to promote their brands in a creative way. We will talk about advertising apps later.
Please follow the directions below and complete the survey by tonight. It will take about 10 minuets to complete everything.
Step 1 : Download two apps on your smart phone: ‘Ray-Ban never hide’, ‘Sit or squat’
– Go to the app store on your smartphone
– Search ‘Ray-Ban never hide’, ‘Sit or squat’
– Download them (by clicking install)
Step 2 : Explore and experience two apps
– First, Try ‘Ray-Ban never hide’
– Second, Try ‘Sit or squat’
Step 3 : Take the survey below : It will take about 5 minutes.

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