Watching Stop Motion Animation Videos

1. The video (group task) and your description (individual task) is due at the beginning of class
(10am Friday).
2. When you shared the video to YouTube, Some of you chose the option “make this movie personal.” In this case, we can’t see the video. 1) Please upload the movie again turning off this option or 2) go to YouTube>edit>info and setting and change the privacy setting from “private” to “public.”
3. Make sure to share the YouTube link here if you haven’t yet done so.

PART ONE: Stop Motion Animation Videos

1. Watch other 4 groups’ videos here reflecting over the questions below and leave your comments here.

  • Does this video have a clear learning focus and target audience?
  • Does this video address well the needs of the target audience? How you think it might help students to understand the concept?
  • How do you like the look and feel of the video?

2. Now let’s think about “the process” you went through to develop the story line (brainstorming, analyzing, exploring in-depth, creating, collaborating, etc.) and discuss here how student-generated educational videos might (or might not) help students to learn better and what advice you would give to students and teachers when creating videos. Here is the rule for relay discussion.

  • First person will leave his/her comment
  • The following person will read the previous comment and do the following:
    – agree to the points made by the person elaborating them  OR
    – agree to the points made by the person providing different points (reasons/grounds) OR
    – disagree to the points made by the person providing his/her own points (reasons/grounds)

PART TWO: Social Media Identity Check-up

Near the end of January you were assigned a project that was designed to help you understand the role of social media in your professional life. You set goals for how you would use these tools this semester and beyond. Since it’s the midpoint of the semester, it’s time to check your progress. Pull up your social media identity page, review it, then complete this form.


Remember you would need to complete this class activities by 11:59 pm, Sunday. So literally you will have three days to complete the activities. If you don’t complete the activities by the due date and time, it will be counted as absence.

Good luck on your exams and Have a lot of fun during spring break!!! Don’t forget to bring your fun stories back to class.

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