Stop Motion Animation 4 – Filming Day

PART1. Filming

Today we’ll take pictures (you’ll want about 100 or more pictures) today – that’s the goal. If you get any further than that, great! But don’t rush creativity!!!

If you do finish taking your pictures, you’ll want to import the pictures into iMovie or Movie Maker. PLEASE let me help you BEFORE you import your pictures — there’s a setting in iMovie that we need to change first!!

Once you’ve finished your videos,

1) “Share” them to your Youtube account. Once your video is uploaded, share the youtube link with your group.

2) Then, each group member should create an “Stop Motion Animation” page in their portfolio. On the Animation page – you should embed your video and write a short description of your video. In your description, please respond to the following:

a. Tell a little about your video – your topic, target audience, the process you went through to develop the story line, how you think it might help students to understand the concept, etc.

b. Then, talk about educational video in general. Find a resource online that talks about the merits of student-generated educational videos. Talk about how you agree and/or disagree with the resource you located.  What advice would you give to students and teachers when creating videos?


1. Come to class ready to import photos, narrate, and upload your video. When you narrate, think about your audience. You may also want to use music. Use royalty free music for your project. Here are some sites to use when you think about your animation: Royalty Free Music, Free Play Music, Creative Commons Licensed Music

2. Please spend some time this week getting yourself familiar with the tool. Here we have tutorials for iMovie08 and Movie Maker.

3. Videos are due at the beginning of class on Wednesday.

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