Stop Motion Animation 2


1. Your creativity reading (Shively’s article) was due last Friday. If you are submitting it today, use your late pass.

2. I will complete grading during spring break. But even then, you will notice that I leave individual comments on your portfolio or assignment checklist. So check status on all of your submission all the time. You might upgrade your grade if it is before I score works. (But remember I don’t accept late work). If there is any problem or concern (e.g., you may have family issues, you may be sick, or you may have to travel), it is your responsibility to talk with me on time. It will be too late at the end of the semester.

Today Ron will be helping us learn how to use iMovie. Here is an iMovie08 Tutorial. While you’re waiting for class to start, you may want to download these animation pictures in Dropbox.

Our animation project is due March 6 (Wed). We’ll be creating

narrated stop-motion animation videos, which played slowly probably at 2 frames/second to explain concepts, formulas, processes, systems, or strategies.The explanation can be enhanced with text or music.

You may even create an interactive adventure animation. Here is the guide.


Please, share your storyboard (though it is incomplete) here by tonight. You wouldn’t want to realize your topic is not appropriate for this project too late. You do NOT need to have any formal kind of storyboard. Think about your audience, focus (key concepts or learning objects), storyline, narration, text (as needed), and music. For your reference, here is the guide to storyboarding.

For Monday:

1. Start collecting resources needed for props: clay figures, construction paper, models, etc.
2. Complete your storyboard.
3. Come to class ready to start building your props.Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 1.13.45 PM

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