Shadowing Project 2

“Communication and Collaboration in the Classroom”

For this project, I would like you to shadow TWO teachers following their CLASSROOM BLOGS retrospectively for at least 2 week span and have concrete ideas of how they support communication and collaboration in the classroom.

STEP 1: Choose two classroom blogs. It should be related to your own chosen grade level and subject area.
(Hints) You will need to find ones that are active, updated frequently, and most importantly support communication and collaboration among the teacher, students, parents, and others classrooms.

You may simply google. But here we need more strategic approaches. This link to award-winning blogs is a great place to start.  You may also want to search Twitter using the hashtag: #comments4kids (you don’t need a twitter account to search by hashtags). This will give you links to classroom/student blogs posted by teachers who are looking for people to comment. You’ll also find twitter feeds that provide links to classroom blogs by advanced search combining hashtags. Here’s a list of helpful hashtags. And another, even longer list of education-related hashtags.

(Alternative Options)
You may want to shadow classroom wikis (here is the list of some), pinterests that track and share student projects, or twitter feeds that support collaborative activities. But these are a little hard to find. For example, teachers use their own hashtags for classroom projects (read this article). If you are not in the context, it is hard to figure out which is which.

STEP 2: Shadow their blogs for 2 week span retrospectively. Find out some activities that use communication and collaboration technology.

(Hints) While shadowing teachers, I would like you to ask yourself these questions below:
How might students benefit from this activity (Pedagogy)? What role does technology play in this lesson activity? (Technology) Why is it important for students to have opportunities for communication and collaboration (Content)? What do the Georgia Performance Standards  (or this set of IEP goals) say about communication and collaboration for your subject/grade level (Curriculum Standards)?

(Resources) Remember the “Geography Mystery” from Egbert Chapter 3? Use the framework of time, technology, role, and learning focus if needed.

STEP 3: Write your shadowing experience. On your portfolio, create a webpage titled “shadowing.” Write an overview of your experience

1. Discuss how you located the blogs.
2. You’ll need to link to the blogs.
3. Write and attach a 2-3 page paper (.doc) about what you learned and how these teachers support communication and collaboration using these tools. Also, you may want to add how you would revise their strategies.

Remember Show & Tell? Try to be as detailed as possible. Describe what happened, and included excerpts, pictures, and so on.

(Assessment) I’m looking for a write-up that 1) shares what is happening currently in K12 classrooms and 2) shows an understanding of how technology can be useful for teaching and learning especially in terms of communication and collaboration. Refer to curriculum standards from the Georgia Performance Standards, this set of IEP goals , or another set of curriculum standards that is appropriate for the specific subject area.

STEP 4: You will publish your summary online. Choose one of the following options.

Create your summary and insert the link to your “shadowing” page.

For FRIDAY: We will explore these tools, and keep working on this project. The project is due next Monday.

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