Commercial Day(2)


1. Check your assignment checklist for comments and your grades.
2. I haven’t graded your social media project. Like I said, we will revisit this project at midterm and the end of the semester. I will grade your social media project at midterm and at the end of the semester twice. So read my comments (either on your blog or on your assignment checklist) and revise your project as needed.
3. You provided your interim feedback to this class last time. Let’s see the result.

Now it is your turn. We will watch your video and evaluate it. Here is the list of videos with their entry numbers.

PART ONE: Watching &
Evaluating Videos
The purpose of this is twofold:
(1) You will learn about other C&C tools you haven’t explored.
(2) You will learn the important of giving and getting feedback. Ones getting feedback would see their works through different points-of-views. One providing feedback would actually distance themselves from their own works and actually learn how to do better with their own works. Hope that you would benefit from this activity.

1. Open the list on your laptop.
2. I will run the video. Watch the video.
3. Check the number of video and click on the evaluation survey.
4. Enjoy your evaluation.

PART TWO: Debriefing

Talk about some of the questions below with your tablemates:
1) Did you find some tools you want to explore further? What was it? What did you find interesting?
2) How was your experience of evaluating? Check the results. What did you find interesting among some of the results?
3) Did this evaluating help you to take another look at your own works?

For Monday:

Relax and be prepared for working on another project!!

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