Commercial Day


1. Your “Social Media” project (all parts except STEP FOUR) was due this Monday.
2. Your Tool Commercial is due Wednesday (2/6/2013) at the beginning of class. If you haven’t completed it yet, use your late pass. You may still upload a photo of yourself to troovi for a late pass if you missed this chance. In any case, your next due is Friday.
3. Please, READ carefully directions for each task. Make sure you have all of the required components of the task available on your submission.

Today we will talk about your social media identity project and share your commercials. Before we go ahead, I would like to get your interim feedback to this class. Click here.

PART ONE: Growing Your Social Media Identity
Which tool did you choose to use? What features did you find newly? What features do you believe will assist you in growing your identity? Here is the list of articles you shared as part of this project. You may want to take a further look at each of them.

As part of the communication and collaboration project, the purpose of this little project was to let you get familiar with some of the social media tools and use them to connect to your current/future colleagues in your chosen profession. Remember that you will revisit this project at midterm and the end of the semester. Continue working on this project throughout the semester, and you may want to revise your short and long-term goals!!

  • Scoring Criteria for the Social Media Identity Project include:

– Timely submission
– Relevant insights from readings
– Understanding of media chosen
– Reasonable social media strategies
– Efforts on growing social media identity



You’ve been hired by a tech company to develop a commercial for one of their products. The company thinks that their tool will really benefit communication and collaboration in classrooms – but teachers aren’t really aware of their product. The company needs you to develop a 1-minute infomercial about their product to convince teachers that the tool will benefit students. The purpose of your infomercial is AWARENESS – it is not a training video.

Today you are going to set up your own “formative” evaluation criteria, and let your classmates evaluate your video while watching it.

1. Go to and set up our account

2. Create your evaluation survey. Let your evaluators know the link. Scoring criteria may include:

– Appealing to the audience (teachers) in a specific domain
Addressing NETS for C& C or implications from Egbert Chapter 3 (required**)
– Understanding the media chosen
– Look & Feel
(including humor; a eye-catching title; interaction with the audience, etc.)

Would you like to add others……? You should include two criteria for sure:

– What are the things you liked about this video?
– What would you suggest revising?

3. Share your evaluation survey link here

4. Let’s watch your commercial~.

For Friday:

Be prepared for distributing your survey for video evaluation. Make sure to share the link here.

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