Welcome to EDIT 2000

Before class begins,
1. Please, make a name card.
2. Create a Gmail account if you don’t already have one: http://mail.google.com/mail/help/open.htm
3. Complete the online student information sheet.
* We will talk about the laptop cart checkin and checkout procedures – for now, the laptop cart is open. If you choose a PC, the login is “Labuser” and the password is “labuser” – all case sensitive. If you choose a MAC, you shouldn’t need a username and password.

What do you need to know for the first day of class?

You need to know what the class is about, who your instructor is, who your classmates are, what materials you will need, and finally how you can survive this semester. We will be going to briefly cover all of these things during today’s class.

What is this class about? I believe cooking explains pretty much about teaching. Cooks need to understand who they serve and what materials they use. As a teacher, you need to understand your students and materials. In this class, more specifically, you will identify and “explore” technology tools that you can use in your life now. Then, you’ll “apply” what you’ve learned to a K-12 classroom setting.You can view the syllabus for more of the fine print – but that’s the main idea of the course. All of this will be done through project-based learning. Don’t know what that is? I promise you will soon enough. You’ll be doing a lot of work, you won’t be bored, and you certainly won’t hear yourself saying, “When am I ever going to use this?”

Who is your instructor? I’m a former educational researcher who worked for a government funded research institution for 10 years. I believe education should be something that can be meaningfully applied to our life; research should be something that can be applied to the reality; finally, the more comfortable we are with technologies in our own lives, the more likely we will be to use them in our classrooms for teaching and learning. I am also a UGA graduate student and a mother of one daughter. So I know what learning with technology looks like from various points of views.

Who are you? We are mutual learners in the class. I want to know as much about you as possible, and I hope you will enjoy learning from and with each other and me. Introduce yourself sharing your name and major, and describe who you are using three key words. But make sure one of these are about you as a learner-how you learn better and what your concern is about learning.

What materials do you need? We will be using various readings and web resources provided by the instructor or chosen by yourself. Check out the reading and technology sections on the menu. Additionally, life might be easier if you have a USB drive and if you knew where you could get your hands on a headset or headphones, you’d be pretty much set for the semester. (This would be a good time to learn how to check out materials from the OIT on Aderhold’s second floor.) You are welcome to bring: your own laptop (must be charged), breakfast or lunch, and enthusiasm for our class.

How can you survive this semester? Reading carefully is, for better or worse, a key to success in this course. This course requires you to be self-directed learners. Make sure you read and followed every direction. Most of materials and directions will be communicated through this blog: edituga.wordpress.com.

I personally believe reading thoroughly your syllabus is the first step. With that said, let’s do a “syllabus” scavenger hunt. Please read over your syllabus and answer the following questions:

  1. Describe how you can access you instructor.
  2. List your 4 project themes.
  3. Describe what happens if you miss the due dates (Late Pass!!!)
  4. Describe what happens if you get a score below 80 % from each project (Resubmitting Rule).

What do you need to do before Wednesday’s class? Also known as homework!

  1. Create a Gmail account if you don’t already have one: http://mail.google.com/mail/help/open.html
  2. Read over the syllabus again- bring your questions.
  3. Make sure you have some digital pictures (easily accessible and online) that you will want to use on your autobiography page for your web-based portfolio. We’ll start working on these Friday.
  4. Write a story about a time you learned how to do something: ride a bike, drive a stick shift, multiply fractions, iron a shirt, dance, etc. It could be something you learned 10 years ago or just last week. Give me context (how old were you, where were you, etc.), why were you learning this (choice, necessity, etc.), who taught you (self, a family member, etc.), and how did you learn (reading, practicing, etc.). This should take at least 1-2 typed pages. I’ll be asking you to post this on your portfolio site later, so make sure you have an electronic version. Send to me electronically: cotton93@uga.edu. This is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, January 9.
  5. Try uploading a photo of yourself to Troovi for a late pass. It is always good to have photos to match a name with a face.

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